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Wayne County

Wayne County Housing Resources:

Newark Housing Authority-
200 Driving Park Cir, Newark, NY 14513
(315) 331-1574

Formed in 1823 by combining portions of Seneca and Ontario counties, and located in Western New York, is Wayne County. Situated less than fifty miles west of Syracuse, the county encompasses a total area of 1,383 square miles. While it covers a large portion of land, over half of its square mileage is water, as it lies on the south shore of Lake Ontario, and forms part of the northern border of the United States with Canada. This premium location near an international border, and its fertile farming region both contribute to a rich cultural and economic history. The area’s proximity to slave-free Canada also made Wayne County and its inhabitants very active in the support of the Underground Railroad, and has played an important role in abolitionism in the years leading up to the American Civil War.


Ranking as the top apple producing county in New York State, the county of Wayne has earned recognition as one of the world’s most productive fruit growing regions. Sailing ship commerce and the Erie Canal barge traffic, coupled with the region’s fertile and vast amounts of agricultural land, make Wayne County able to attain such high ranks.


While there are no cities located within the county, there are fifteen towns and seven villages. Each of which offer its own unique cultural amenities and charm, making Wayne county the perfect place to call home.

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