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Seneca Falls, NY

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Since establishment in 1829, the town of Seneca Falls has been one of the most important parts of Seneca County, and the entirety of the Finger Lakes Region. Often referred to as the Historic Gateway to the Finger Lakes, Seneca Falls holds an important place in history. The area has seen immense and prosperous growth since 1818 when the Canal Locks were built along the Seneca River. Allowing boats to avoid the dangerous rapids, but still generating hydropower, the installation of the locks attracted business and industry to what would eventually be Seneca Falls.  The Town has been able to retain some of its industrial nature, with prominent businesses making Seneca Falls home, such as Gould’s Pumps, an international pump manufacturer that has resided in the town since 1848. Providing area residents with ample career opportunities, the business employs approximately 1300 people at the two Seneca Falls campuses.


Connecting to the Erie Canal, the Cayuga-Seneca Canal was built in 1828. Today it provides the perfect link to the Finger Lakes Wine Region, however historically it was built to improve the transportation of goods and services throughout the region. Up until 1915 when Van Cleef Lake was built, the base of the Cayuga-Seneca Canal was the location of beautiful fifty-foot waterfalls, which served as the inspiration for the Town’s name. Over 116 homes and 60 businesses were situated in the area at the base of the falls that is referred to as “The Flats”. A demolition contract was created to move the houses and businesses from The Flats to other parts of town, pulled in pieces by horse-drawn carriages. Less than 20 years after becoming an official town, history started unfolding yet again in the form of the first National Women’s Rights Convention. The momentous event was organized by Seneca Falls resident, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (among others), and was held at Fall Street’s Wesleyan Chapel, right in the center Downtown. Labeled as the Birthplace of Women’s Rights, the town takes immense pride in its many museums dedicated to its historically important past, the Elizabeth Cady Stanton House being among them.


Today, the residents of Seneca Falls are prideful of its past, present, and future alike. It is near impossible to ignore the small-town charm that Seneca Falls exudes. Boasting the nickname “The Real Bedford Falls”, it was even the inspiration for the fictional town of Bedford Falls in the classic 1946 Frank Capra film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Every December, the town transforms into a winter wonderland in which the city limits signs even read “Welcome to Bedford Falls”, instead of Seneca Falls. A few activities during the weekend long festival include parades celebrating hometown pride, meet and greets with the now grown child actors from the film, and thousands gather for the annual 5k race, “It’s a Wonderful Run”.


As far as every day living is concerned, Seneca Falls is one of the best places to call home. Located in the town, Cayuga Lake State Park offers residents a beach, campsite, fishing, a playground, and boat launch. Located just down the road from the park entrance is local favorite eatery, Wolffy’s Grill and Marina. No matter the weather, you will always experience friendly, home-town service and unbeatable lake views on the outdoor dining patio. Wolffy’s caters to land dwellers and boaters alike, offering a marina for boats to park while they enjoy a meal.


With their mission being to provide quality learning experiences in a positive environment and promote academic excellence, the Seneca Falls Central School District proudly serves approximately 1,200 area students K-12. The district is made up of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. If considering higher education, New York Chiropractic College campus is situated near Cayuga Lake in the town.

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