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Seneca County

Seneca County Housing Resources:

Seneca Housing, Inc-
11 US-20, Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 568-2200

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region, Seneca County was established as an official county in 1804. After twice reducing the size of the county in 1817 and 1823, it settled at its current size of approximately 390 square miles.  Seneca County is located in Western New York, and is comfortably nestled between two of the longest and deepest of the Finger Lakes, Seneca and Cayuga. Because the area covered by Seneca County straddles the former territories of both the Seneca and Cayuga Native Americans, the formation of the Finger Lakes is described by Native American Legend. According to the legend, the land was blessed by the Great Spirit, and in doing so, it placed an outstretched hand over the region, which in turn left five, finger-shaped impressions. Although the lakes were actually formed by glaciers gouging their way down from Canada, the legend had one thing right for certain; the Finger Lakes Region is assuredly blessed.


With the land of the region soaked in history, Seneca County offers the opportunity to discover dozens of historical sites and museums. The National Women’s Hall of Fame and the site of the very first Women’s Rights Convention are both located in Seneca Falls, and just one shining example of history being proudly displayed.


History isn’t the only feature on display in Seneca County, as the region has garnered the nickname of Finger Lakes Wine Country. With a diverse selection ranging from small, craft microbreweries to larger, farm wineries, there are over 100 unique wineries in the county. Along with the many vineyards of the area, there are also many agricultural farms, as the region is well known for its Farm-To-Table restaurants.


Aside from being home to top colleges and universities, the cultural amenities and proximity to major cities come together rather harmoniously to provide visitors and residents alike with a great sense of community, and scenic charm.

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